Boot problems on Sempron system

Wim Van der planken unixadmin at
Fri Mar 3 02:27:49 PST 2006


I successfully installed FreeBSD 6 AMD64 on a new Sempron system.
The boot device is the 1st HD on IDE channel 0 ...

After installation, I reboot and get

FreeBSD/i386 boot
Default: 0:ad(0,a)/boot/kernel/kernel

Now I already had this for the second time so I created a /boot, so I 
added on the boot: prompt

ad(0,d)/kernel/kernel (d = /boot)

It starts the "/" but immediately gives: /kernel/kernelerror 1 lba 766623
Invalid format

and then again the boot prompt.

Does anyone have an idea?

Kind regards,

Wim Van der planken

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