openoffice support and other ports

Danny Braniss danny at
Fri Jun 30 13:56:15 UTC 2006

> Danny Braniss wrote:
> > just a small question: how long should it take to compile java?
> > so far, my first attempt hung the machine (either javac or rpc.lockd were to
> > blame), now it's been trying to compile for
> > some 20 minutes and i don't think much is happening appart from using up cpu
> Danny,
> Not sure if this is relevant but I seem to recall that if you have a SMP
> system, you must disable SMP to compile jdk15 on amd64.
> Put kern.smp.disabled=0 in /boot/loader.conf.
so putting:
	kern.smp.disabled=1 in /boot/loader.conf
solved the problem, 


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