SMP system not running SMP

Pete French petefrench at
Thu Jun 29 01:17:35 UTC 2006

> Maybe its a problem with modern Adaptec controllers.  On both a Tyan K8W
> (s2885) and Iwill DK8X [both 2P dual-core] I use an Adaptec 2940UW Pro
> controller for external CDROM's.  Both of these motherboards have the AMD
> 8131 PCI-X and 8111 PCI controllers.

It's not Adaptec specific though - I get the same problem with a 
Compaq 5304 SMART RAID. Something about the way these cars do
interrupts ?

Am trying to find a way to get a serial console up to capture some messages.
Not helped by the fact that the only other PC in the room died last
night. Grrr... currently trying to rig up something with a USB/RS232
adapter that I have to connect a PowerBook to a mobile phone!


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