SMP system not running SMP

Peter Seebach seebs at
Tue Jun 27 13:41:34 UTC 2006

In message <E1FvDkI-000A1t-IY at>, Pete French writes
>I think what people are sayng is that ACPI is part of the spec for the 64
>bit platform. So you *shouldn't* do a 64 bit OS with ACPI disabled, and it's
>hardly surprising if you run into problems if you do. Under 32 bit (which is
>what I have reverted to trying) then ACPI is not part of the platform spec
>and is thus not needed for SMP (as SMP on 32 bit predates ACPI).

>So if you ran 32 bit NetBSD then it should work with or withough ACPI. If
>you run it as 64 bit's then it is well within it's right to fail if ACPI
>is disabled. On the other hand it might just share the 32 bit code and
>still work.

FWIW, NetBSD/amd64 just runs on this box.  I will check again whether it was
with or without ACPI, but it seems to be running properly in 64-bit everything
and doing SMP.  I'm gonna see whether that's good enough for the person whose
computer this will be; I don't think he has a significant preference between
the systems, and if I can make that work, I'll do a few more experiments, send
in data points, then load something else and ship it.  :)


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