SMP system not running SMP

Pete French petefrench at
Tue Jun 27 10:17:18 UTC 2006

> I've put all the MS-9131 BIOS's I have [1.20, 1.27, 1.32] at

Excellent! Thanks. I appreciate the caveats, but I will try one of these
and see if it solves my problem. I did flash to the latest on the
official site (1.2 - for which you posted the reease notes)

> I probably have emails at work stating the changes in version 1.27 and
> 1.32.  So I'll have to look for those later.

That would be good to have if you do. I am not sure it will help, as
the other Peter who is having the same problem is running a completely
different make of motherboard, but I am happy to give it a try.

In general I rater like MSI motherboards and their BIOS'es - mainly
because they are the only ones I have found recently which let me use
a Compaq RAID controller in a non Compaq system. That was my primary
motivation for getting this motherboard when I upgraded the server.



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