SMP system not running SMP

John Baldwin jhb at
Mon Jun 26 22:30:16 UTC 2006

On Monday 26 June 2006 16:39, Pete French wrote:
> > > At the weekend I want to try this with the SCSi removed, and ACPI 
> > > with both an i386 and an amd64 kernel. Other people have my board 
> > > SMP, but they are not using SCSI.
> >
> > Erm, ok.  Can you get the mptable output and a verbose dmesg with the SCSI 
> > card in the box and an i386 SMP kernel?
> I know this is slightly later than the weekend, but I have some new results
> from playing around with this.
> Firstly, it's impossible for me to get what you ask above as the only
> way I can boot an SMP kernel with the cards in the box and the kernel is
> to use 'safe mode'. Just ACPI disabling on it;s own does not do it.

It will still boot and print out messages you can capture using a serial 
console. :)  See my other e-mail today though.

John Baldwin

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