SMP system not running SMP

Peter Seebach seebs at
Fri Jun 23 21:09:59 UTC 2006

In message <E43C8266-1A60-49D5-868F-1569DB1C3EFC at>, Vivek Khera writes
>On Jun 23, 2006, at 7:07 AM, Peter Seebach wrote:
>> There are two possible paths to fixing this:  One is to make SMP  
>> work without
>> ACPI.  Since NetBSD was booting SMP on this machine with ACPI  
>> disabled in the
>> BIOS, I assume that's theoretically possible.  The other is to  
>> figure out

>Just jumping in this thread mid-stream (since I just recognized your  
>name from the old BSDI days)...

Hey!  Good to see you agin!

>did you try just disabling ACPI timer  
>only?   This seems to be quite a popular cause of hang during boot.   
>I have one box that needs it.

I did not.  I will investigate this, it sounds inherently plausible.


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