SMP system not running SMP

Peter Seebach seebs at
Fri Jun 23 19:05:58 UTC 2006

In message <200606231315.56988.jhb at>, John Baldwin writes:
>Ok, when you boot in safe mode, you don't just disable ACPI, you also disable 
>APIC which has the side effect of disabling SMP.  Try breaking into the boot 
>loader prompt at the menu and just doing:

>'ok set hint.acpi.0.disabled=1'
>'ok boot'

>and seeing if that gives you SMP.

Is this at all similar to the "ACPI disabled" way of booting already provided?

At least on my system, it has the same result; system hangs right after
acd0, during "waiting for SCSI devices to settle" or possibly immediately


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