NVidia RAID on Tyan-S2865

Andriy Podanenko andriy at whitebox.color-pro.com
Fri Jun 9 05:41:09 UTC 2006

Thu, 08 Jun 2006 15:19:24 +0300, Igor Robul <igorr at speechpro.com> писав:

> Jun  7 12:19:15 sysadm kernel: ar0: writing of nVidia MediaShield  
> metadata is NOT supported yet
[2005/12/05]  amd64/89968  amd64        [ata]  Asus  A8N-E  MediaShield   
RAID  problem

my bug report 8(
it does not work for me on 6.1, so for U
driver has no such functionality, only read 8((((

> I had then rebooted my PC, and got fsck + softupdates errors followed by
> panic. I have rebooted in single user mode and run fsck -y. Rebooting to
> multiuser mode resulted in panic with message about softupdates
> inconsistency. After this I gave up, and booted to single user mode and
> changed ar0* to ad4* in /etc/fstab. Now system works fine (I have lost
> some new files and my WindowMaker configuration :-) ).
> Later I have successfully copied 100Gb disk to /usr/local mounted on ad6
> insted of ar0.
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