Sunfire X4100

Denny Reiter scrman at
Fri Jul 28 02:57:14 UTC 2006


I just received a Sunfire X4100 and I'm trying to get FreeBSD 6.1 to 
boot on it.  It seems to stall when trying to poll UMASS, which I got 
past once by booting into safe mode, but not every time.

Does anybody have any pointers on getting it working?  The one time I 
did get anywhere, I got a screen asking for my country, but the remote 
console seemed to have quit working.  I've also tried a PS2 keyboard 
connected to a USB adapter and it seems to see it as kbd1, but doesn't 
seem to be useable, even from the BIOS.

Any help would be appreciated.


Denny Reiter
denny at

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