cannot login - locked out of system

Gobbledegeek gobbledegeek at
Sat Jul 22 12:03:03 UTC 2006

    I  did a  "make install clean" in /usr/src then a buildkernel  and
 install kernel for  7.0 current  source downloaded  last month.

Now When  I  type in any username  at the login prompt,  or any other  I get
"in  openpam_load_module():  cannot  find"
"in pam_start(): System error"

and the login prompt reappears.

I  booted  into single  user mode and copied /usr/lib/
(left,  right  and centre)  into /lib, /usr/local/lib and /var with no

Still getting the same error.

So my  freebsd is unusable now. Any  help  appreciated.

[Everything but Gobbledegook.. !!]

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