I need linuxolator testers with an amd64 machine (easy but time consuming)

hideo hideo at lastamericanempire.com
Mon Jul 17 19:59:53 UTC 2006

Alexander Leidinger (Mon 07/17/06 17:04):
> Yuri wrote:
> >I can't confirm that *every* linux binary segfaults. I've tried all
> >binaries from fc4 linux base, and only `dd' and `sort' segfaulted, when
> >I've pressed ctrl+c. -CURRENT/amd64 updated 1 hour ago.
> Did you tried acroread? Could you please try acroread if you haven't 
> already?

I can confirm acroread and realplayer both segfault. I also see the same
behaviour with dd/sort above. I haven't had time yet to do any further
investigating. This is on -current @ Thu Jul 13 07:34:24 MDT 2006.


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