Forcing ulpt device numbering

Jim Prettyman jimprettyman at
Mon Jul 17 07:16:32 UTC 2006

Ever since I installed FreeBSD-6.1 on my amd64 box, the attached USB
printer has shown up as /dev/ulpt0 on boot or whenever the printer has
been powered off/on. However, after a power failure yesterday, it
shows up as /dev/ulpt1. I have power cycled the printer, restarted
usbd, but it keeps coming up as ulpt1. This makes life with
/etc/printcap impossible.

Can anybody tell me how to make it always appear as ulpt0? (I have
searched the mailing list archives, checked the FAQ and Handbook, and
googled extensively without finding any answers, so I'm hoping
somebody here might have solved this and can share.)


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