nve doesn't work with C19-A SLI onboard ethernet? (6.1-RELEASE amd64)

bryan newbold bnewbold at MIT.EDU
Mon Jul 3 18:44:17 UTC 2006


I'm having trouble getting the nve driver running on an ECS C19-A SLI 
motherboard (nforce4 chipset). The motherboard has the special unwanted 
feature of a hardware firewall (ActiveArmor Firewall) which may be 
causing the problem. However, I had no problem at all getting networking 
up with an ubuntu livecd.

nve doesn't showup in my dmesg at all, and doesn't show up in ifconfig. 
ifconfig shows an fwe0 device; i've also tried loading the if_fwip 
driver, which shows up in ifconfig, but neither fwe0 or if_fwip0 seem to 

If a dmesg or any kind of output would be useful I can send them. I'm 
running a fresh install of 6.1-RELEASE


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