Tyan S4881+M4881, SMP, 128GB RAM support?

Michael C. Wu keichii at freebsd.org
Sat Jul 1 17:37:45 UTC 2006

Hi Everyone,

We are looking into building a big machine
for scientific computing.  And I am wondering
about the status of FreeBSD on the hardware.

The processes are very large memory-bound stuff.

We plan to use the Tyan S4881 motherboard, with
dual-core opterons, and probably fill up the
board with 4GB RAM.  This board has 16 DIMM slots,
and we plan to have RAM in all of the slots.

We also think that the daughter board Tyan M4881,
which you connect to the S4881, could be on it.
And we hope to have funding to fill it up with RAM too.

What I am wondering is,
1. Is anyone running this setup (8x dualcore chips,
128GB RAM) on AMD64 successfully?
2. Any problems with doing this in our VM and such?
3. General suggestions.


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