version 6.0 and AMD64

Mathieu Prevot freebsd-amd64 at
Sat Jan 28 09:04:25 PST 2006

Le 27 déc. 05 à 10:20, Adriaan de Groot a écrit :

> On Monday 26 December 2005 21:35, je killen wrote:
>> I purchased Version 6.0 from FreeBSD Mall and am now concerned  
>> that the
>> packaged system will work on AMD64 which I have, The processor I have
>> and want to use is socket 754, if it makes a difference.
> Socket 754 is an amd64 socket, so that'll be fine (unless there are  
> socket 754
> Semprons without 64-bit? The AMD website doesn't say in so many  
> words "this
> is not a 64-bit processor", but neither does it tout 64-bitness. In  
> that
> case, it's not the socket type that's most interesting, but the CPU  
> family
> (Athlon64 vs. Sempron) that is.).

Until summer 2005 semprons were 32bit only. I have 2 sempron 64bit  
working with freebsd 6 amd64.
On 754 there is no dual channel, cache L2 is lower (256 on most  
recent semprons, 128 on olders vs 512 and 1024 on 939 amd64) etc...


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