dual vs single core opteron 100's

JoaoBR joao at matik.com.br
Sat Jan 28 03:13:08 PST 2006

On Friday 27 January 2006 16:40, Daniel Rock wrote:
> Alexander Konovalenko schrieb:
> >  I have upgraded my AMD64 Athlon 3000+ to dual core X2 4400+. Now I can
> > run two oommf tasks at the same time, and performance (I measure total
> > execution time of the task) is around 186% comparing with 100% when only
> > one task is running. This 7% degrade in performance per task is probably
> > due to concurrent data transferring CPU<->RAM. I am very satisfied with
> > X2 but just wonder if dual core Opteron gives better performance? Does
> > anybody run OOMMF on Opteron?
> Besides the different CPUID, Athlon64 X2 (with 2x1MB Cache) and Dual-Core
> Opteron 1xx are exactly the same.

I believe this is not exactly correct

If I am not wrong there is actual only the X2-4800 and 4400 with 2x1MB cache, 
all others are having max 512K 

The Opterons are having 2MB of cache, not 2x1 

the manufacture technology of opterons and athlons-X2 are quiet different and 
there other tiny "server" related points

(for me doubtless) a server-MB for dual opteron is also faster then a US100 
939 socket MB and probably much more stable

IMO the opterons are faster when talking server, nevertheless the athlons are 
much cheaper, not the processors but I can run real cheap MBs 

when I do not need more than 3.5GB of RAM the performance difference is not 
that much so the athlon-X2 are an attractive alternative for US500-1000+ less

I have lot's of cache/gw servers and I am changing all to X2, the disk r/w 
performance  advantage with good memory chips is very big  in comparism to 
i386 P4 machines.

I run also expensive perl tasks on this servers which gave my a bottleneck on 
UP a machines, the X2 SMPs are managing this as perfect as my dual-otperon 
server and for me the X2 is a very very good and cheap solution.

I can not say anything for workstations but as long as you do not pass more 
than 6-8MB/s traffic through the machine a X2 Athlon may do it as good as an 
Opteron system but probably depends also on what you do particulary with this 


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