dual vs single core opteron 100's

Ken Gunderson kgunders at teamcool.net
Fri Jan 27 11:23:07 PST 2006

On Fri, 27 Jan 2006 19:40:06 +0100
Daniel Rock <freebsd at deadcafe.de> wrote:

> Alexander Konovalenko schrieb:
> >  I have upgraded my AMD64 Athlon 3000+ to dual core X2 4400+. Now I can run 
> > two oommf tasks at the same time, and performance (I measure total execution 
> > time of the task) is around 186% comparing with 100% when only one task is 
> > running. This 7% degrade in performance per task is probably due to 
> > concurrent data transferring CPU<->RAM. I am very satisfied with X2 but just 
> > wonder if dual core Opteron gives better performance? Does anybody run OOMMF 
> > on Opteron?
> Besides the different CPUID, Athlon64 X2 (with 2x1MB Cache) and Dual-Core 
> Opteron 1xx are exactly the same.

Are you sure about this?  For example, Opteron 1xx use ECC RAM but I'm
not sure if the Athalons do.  Also the Opteron's are reportedly held
to a higher qa standard.  Opteron 1xx are backed by metal whereas
Athalons are just the die (not used x2 Athalons yet though).  Not an AMD
guru but my $0.02... 

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Ken Gunderson

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