dual vs single core opteron 100's

O. Hartmann ohartman at uni-mainz.de
Thu Jan 26 12:21:37 PST 2006

Lars Tunkrans schrieb:
> Ken Gunderson wrote:
>> Greets Everyone:
>> I was getting into a discussion the other day about this and decided to
>> see what the FBSD amd64 gurus had to say about it.  Given approximately
>> equal cost of, for example, a single core Opteron150 (2.4GHz) and a
>> dual core Opteron165 (1.8GHz) under what kind of situations would
>> one be preferred over the other? 
>> fwiw- my friend asserts it will ALWAYS be the faster single core because
>> of context switches and dual cores are optimized for highly multi-
>> threaded OS's (e.g. WInblows). But 1) I think the scheduler has been
>> improved in 6.0, and 2) he's a linuxer.
>> And yes, I know what AMD has to say on this but am interested in the
>> FBSD community's perspective on this w.r.t. FBSD.
>> TIA
> The DUAL core will be prefferd  for Webservers, Application servers,   
> and databases
> that  are multithreaded  and transaction oriented.
> The singel Core  will be preffered for Simulations,  Compute intensive 
> stuff - image  Rendering ,
> Games , that are  singel threaded.

There are some performance tests around the net concerning povray. 
Povray performs much better on a dual core than a single CPU, if it is 
multithreaded. In many cases, such as modelling, numbercrunching, 
multi-core or multi CPU systems perform much better than single core/CPU 
systems! That depends higly on the way the programmer of the application 
has aimed multithreading.

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