Opteron 100 Mainboard Recommendation

Daniel Rock freebsd at deadcafe.de
Tue Jan 17 13:24:55 PST 2006

Ken Gunderson schrieb:
> On Mon, 2006-01-16 at 19:22 +0100, Daniel Rock wrote:

>> I bought mine in September (S2865AG2NRF) together with an X2 4400+ and 2GB RAM 
>> (2x1 GB, ECC, DDR400 3-3-3). Didn't have a problem yet. Idle CPU temperature 
>> ~50°C (in BIOS HW-Monitor, so not really idle).
> This is with the latest BIOS, I presume?  The machines I was referencing
> are on the initial release, running Opteron 165's and reporting low 60
> degrees C shortly after start up and booting straight into BIOS.  This
> in their 1U barebones system B2865.  Only 1-2 degrees less in a
> workstation w/well cooled case though.

Well, I started with BIOS revision V2.01. The board was factory shipped with 
rev. V1.00 (with no Dual Core support). The system was running with V2.01 for 
over 2 months with no problems.

>> V3.01
>> . Adjusted CPU temperature readings
> Yeah- it's now on my to-do list.  The upgraded BIOS didn't _exist_ when
> I first reported the issue to Tyan though.  Their response was that
> their thermal testing had indicated sufficient head room.  I assumed
> that they'd let me know if they came out w/update since I'd reported the
> issue (guess we all know what they say about "assume"...).
> It will be intersting to see how "corrected" they are.  The Opteron 165
> is dual core at 1.8GHz.  The system on deck to be built will be an
> Opteron 180 at 2.4GHz, so I think I am justifiably concerned about the
> heat.  Hopefully the numbers will be significantly lower w/updated BIOS.

The BIOS update doesn't make the CPUs run any cooler. Just the temperature 
readings will be adjusted.

The output of the internal thermal diode on-die varies. Therefor you (or the 
BIOS programmer) should recalibrate the temperature readings by adding or 
substracting a diode offset.

Section 3.6.19


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