Opteron 100 Mainboard Recommendation

Daniel Rock freebsd at deadcafe.de
Mon Jan 16 10:22:20 PST 2006

Steven Hartland schrieb:
> I'll have to get back to you on the revision. We've been busting the balls
> of our suppliers as we have only been able to see stable operation when
> underclocking the RAM to 166. This is running with 4400+ processors
> and 2Gb of RAM ( off tyan's recommended list ) using Windows XP.
> The symptoms are just random reboots with crash logs indicated various
> errors from memory issues to driver problems.
> We also have had high amounts of total MB failures off the top of my
> head about 10 and we only have 14 machines with this MB in.
> The issues may be related only to the X2 CPU's Im not sure.


I bought mine in September (S2865AG2NRF) together with an X2 4400+ and 2GB RAM 
(2x1 GB, ECC, DDR400 3-3-3). Didn't have a problem yet. Idle CPU temperature 
~50°C (in BIOS HW-Monitor, so not really idle).

My board revision (above POST codes display): APCB M6 94-V0 0509

Maybe you should consider a BIOS upgrade:

. Adjusted CPU temperature readings


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