Opteron 100 Mainboard Recommendation

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> >> Per AMD's recommended mainboard page the _only_ mainboard they
> >> recommend with an Opteron 180 is the Tyan 2865.  I've built a
> >> couple systems on this board and it works okay but I'm not too keen on
> >> the board layout.  Anyone built some Opteron 100 based workstations
> >> can make some recommendations?
> Be careful with that board we have just had to have all ours replaced due
> to a memory timing issue ( wouldn't run stable at 200 ). Also ensure you
> have the latest BIOS on or CPU temps can be way out.

Yes!! I was seeing > 60 degrees C w/in moments after startup.  And this
was with a 165 even.  Reported to TYAN some weeks back and were
informed their engineers were "looking at it". Never got back to me
other than that they were "within specs".  Man-- you'd think they could
have let the reporter know they released a BIOS update.  Thanks for the
head's up.

Now, w.r.t. that memor timing issue.  Could you elaborate on that?
I've been seeing some glitches here and there but hadn't worked with
these units enough to track them down.  What revision are your new

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