presario r3000z pcmcia

Oinatz Aspiazu oinatz.aspiazu at
Mon Jan 16 04:58:42 PST 2006

Hi there!

I have one of those machines and after looking at I have been able to configure
everything minus the pcmcia. ACPI seems also to work fine on freebsd 6.0
stable after some tweaking at /boot/device.hints.

At that site there's a link for a kernel patch for freebsd v5.x explaining the lines of the code I need to add to that pci_pci.c file. I have the #if...#endif block already in that file but the block starting at line 319 seems just too different from the lines of the patch. Do I need to remplace everything from that line till the first ok=1?

Also, for pcmcia cards I need some kind of package for a daemon, right?
I have in gnu/linux installed the pcmcia-cs but here perhaps it's a
different one. I have a pcmcia 56k modem that is recognized but gaves
some warnings at boot. I guess that is because I need to patch that file
(and I also needed to patch the kernel for GNU/Linux due to the bad
bios ;-). I can't post the dmesg output till I arrive home, now I'm at
work :(

Another thing is that I'm using the i386 version for now. I'll move to
amd64 but first I'd like to see how does java work in this version and
the nvidia closed source drivers

thanks and sorry for my poor english

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