No APM yet for AMD?

Francisco Reyes lists at
Tue Jan 10 08:06:40 PST 2006

Ariff Abdullah writes:

Given that APM is not available for AMD64 and we have to depend on ACPI.. I 
believe the patch is very helpfull. 

> At least I know when to plug in back my ac connector :)

Between having zero info.. and having a percentage of charge.. it is MUCH 
better to have the percentage.. even if it's not completely accurate (which 
I believe.. if I followed Ariff's comment.. it is).
> Well, I don't know much about FreeBSD ACPI. But at least, this
> patch / fix / workaround does indeed help me and few others.

I find it very helpfull and hope it gets commited.. so one has this 
capability and doesn't have to deal with patching the file every time one 
goes to the latest stable. 

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