Certification Steps for a SUN Sunfire X4100 under the amd-64 Platform

Albert Levi Ball alball at rice.edu
Mon Jan 9 11:45:47 PST 2006

Dear FreeBSD Community,

Currently I have been donated a sunfire x4100 for network support
tasking and was going to load FreeBSD 6.0 on it with the amd-64 build. I
would like to know the steps involved on getting this platform certified
under the FreeBSD community. I have found steps for a lot of other items
but not this step.

Let me know what hoops I will need to follow in order to add this to the
list and help the community grow.


P.S. There is only 2 items in the mailing list for this server in
regards to certification:
and the cert page has no entry.

Albert Levi Ball
Information Technology Security Analyst
alball at rice.edu
OpenPGP Finger Print: 4635 D17C A4B3 D0C9 DFE8 A052 5004 B6C4 9024 0761

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