AMD64 boot floppies

Julian H. Stacey jhs at
Wed Jan 4 11:03:49 PST 2006

Roger Marquis wrote:
> Markus Trippelsdorf wrote:
> > When I upgraded my old Celeron box a year ago, I had to buy a CDROM
> > burner, so that I could burn the install CD for my new machine. Since
> > than it is sitting idle in its slot.
> You could also have purchased a USB-CD-RW or USB-DVD-RW.
> The problem with floppies is their A) tendency to develop bad
> sectors, and B) increasing rarity.  The lines of code needed for a
> boot floppy would be much better spent on other bootable media,
> Flash, DVD, etc, all of which would have larger and more
> appreciative audiences.

A) Yes. B) No.  Not `larger audience' unless one only counts
developers & installers buying / using latest mboards, & excludes
vast user base of running kit, eg  very few if any of my ~20+ varied
i386 arch. systems of all ages have BIOS support for USB boot.

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