gnome & dual head problems

Ranko Sredojevic surija at
Mon Jan 2 13:34:54 PST 2006

 Hi all,

I'm running RELENG_6 on amd64. Recently I installed new gnome port,
Xorg... No problems encountered.

In configuration with one monitor, everything is running fine. However, in
dual head
configuration, I experienced two problems:

(1) After screen-saver locks the screen, I cannot unlock (no password
dialogue is
popping up on keyboard/mouse activity)
(2) When Gnome is just started (after reboot, for example) in place of
desktop picture
I see random contents of memory ... parts of previously opened windows and
It goes away after "refreshing" the screen by moving a window around...

Second problem is not a big issue, since I don't reboot very often. However,
one is much more annoying... :)

Any ideas on this?

In case it helps: it is Radeon 9250 using radeon driver. Trying not to run
to keep DRI working, so I set up MergedFB with Virtual twice the size of one
One monitor is on DVI and the other on Analog output. Both using
1280x1024... Pseudo-Xinerama
provided by the driver is enabled.


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