amd64 with twa/9650SE

Yoriaki FUJIMORI fujimori at
Fri Dec 29 04:40:35 PST 2006

Dear listers,

I am trying to install 6.2RC2 on an amd64 box.
MB is ASUS M2N32WS Professional, and I am going
to use a 3ware's 9650SE 2LP.

I got some instructions from 3ware's url and got
their driver.

(1) When I boot CD(disk1) and tried to run kld to load
3ware's driver, the boot kernel complained that there
is no floppy disk.  My floppy disk works fine, though;
it can boot MSDOS.  I am not sure if AMD64 boot kernel
supports floppy disk drive.
(2) I installed the whole sustem on another scsi drive.
3ware's instruction says that other scsi drives than
are attached to their card should be there.  Any way,
I replaced sys/dev/twa/tw_cl_io.c with the one from 3ware.
I compiled the kernel, and the new kernel detected
twa device.  But, kernel rebooted there somehow.
I should try on an IDE drive, maybe.

I wonder if it is possible to include a new kernel on
install CD that support 3ware's 9650.

Thanks for your attention.
yoriaki fujimori

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