Happy Christmas from all at eShopworks

Santa santa at eshopworks.co.uk
Fri Dec 22 07:04:18 PST 2006

   Its that time of year ag   mad wondering why you left your Christmas   minute and weighing up spending a little more time   Auntie Maureen's present with joining everyone else in the p   for a last minute Christmas drink.

   We hope by the time   few emails before braving whatever tra   made to see friends and family or just sitting bac   a well earned mince pie or two.

   Its been a great year at   new version of [2], we've employed lots of great new people and we've
   helped    all.
   So once again in ou   to thank those of you that ha   another and to wish you all a very Happy Chris   better New Year.
   Please take two minutes    opening the link below. We will be donating    view that it gets to [3]Shelter

   [4]Click me for the Christmas card,    to...

   Have a great break!


   The eShopworks Team

   P.S. Didn't Auntie M

   And just a little remind   of January 2007 however the support voice   monitored just in case!

   Support: +44 (0) 208 780   Main: +44 (0) 208 780 6350
   Fax: +44 (0) 208 780 6360
   <   href="mailto:support at eshopworks.co.uk">support at eshopworks.co=2



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   4. 3D"http://www.eshopworks.co.uk/xmas_2006.htm"
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