FreeBSD 6.2/AMD64: supports TYAN Tomcat n3400B motherboard?

Ken Gunderson kgunders at
Mon Dec 18 19:27:21 PST 2006

On Wed, 13 Dec 2006 14:47:53 +0100
"O. Hartmann" <ohartman at> wrote:

> Dear Sirs.
> For building a server system I would like to use the TYAN Tomcat n3400B 
> motherboard (TYAN S2925G2NR).
> As far as I know, this motherboard utilises the nVidia nForce 3400 
> chipset which is similar, or even identical to the new nForce5XX 
> chipsets introduced shortly.
> The main question is: will FreeBSD 6.2/amd64 work with this board?
> I need especially both NICs and the SATA-II RAID-0/Mirroring facilities.
> Thank you very much for your comments.

See earlier thread started by me "Tyan AM2 mainboards".  Quoting what
may be of specific interest to you:

>>> Perchance does anyone have any experience with either of these
>>> Tyan AM2 boards they could share??
>>> Tomcat n3400B (S2925) - nVidia nForce Pro 3400 based
>>> <>

Tried this board today under 6.1-RELEASE couldnt get it to work.
Any access to the disk is unbelievably slow 1min to write the
partition table.

Looked to legacy mode options in the bios for the SATA but it
doesnt seem to have any.


Don't know about FBSD-6.2.  I myself just decided to go with tried and
true Tyan S2865, especially since dual core S939 Opterons prices have
dropped so much.  Only 4x SATA though instead of 6 and not DDR2.


Best regards,

Ken Gunderson

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