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Roland Smith rsmith at
Mon Dec 18 04:15:19 PST 2006

On Mon, Dec 18, 2006 at 11:08:16AM +0000, FreeBSD bugmaster wrote:

> o amd64/71644  amd64      [panic] amd64 5.3-BETA4 crash when heavy load
> o amd64/73650  amd64      5.3-release panics on boot
> o amd64/78848  amd64      [sis] sis driver on FreeBSD 5.x does not work on amd64
> o amd64/82425  amd64      [fxp] fxp0: device timeout, fxp interface dies on 5.4/
> o amd64/83005  amd64      Memory Occupied during installation of the FreeBSD 5.4
> o amd64/84832  amd64      Installation crashes just at boot AMD64/ Version 5.4
> o amd64/87472  amd64      I downloaded 5.4 and went to install it, but it kee 
> o amd64/87689  amd64      [powerd] [hang] powerd hangs SMP Opteron 244 5-STABL

I would suggest to close the PR's above, unless the problems persist in

> o amd64/104311 amd64      ports/wine should be installable on amd64

This one was answered in the audit-trail. This could be closed now.

> a amd64/92527  amd64      [ciphy.c] no driver for "CICADA VSC 8201 Gigabit LAN P

This one has a patch looking for a committer.

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