System panic during boot from install cd

Fabian Wenk fabian at
Thu Dec 14 16:03:03 PST 2006

Hello Jeff

jekillen wrote:
> I have just finished assembling a new machine that uses:
> MSI RX480 Neo2 motherboard w/ realtek ethernet chip builtin.
> AMD64 socket 939 3500+ processor.
> When attempting to boot from the FreeBSD v6.0 install cd
> the process is aborted with the following messages:
> re0 ehternet address 00:13:d3;a5:ad:89
> re0 diagnostic failed received short packet
> re0 attach aborted due to hardware diag failure
> kernel trap 12 with interrupts disabled

Could you try with FreeBSD 6.1-RELEASE or 6.2-RC1?

It looks like the on board realtek ethernet is causing this 
problem. Maybe an BIOS update will help (should be available from 
MSI). Or else just take an other ethernet card and disable the 
onboard NIC.

To test it, disable the onboard ethernet in the BIOS and try 
again. If it does boot fine, it is the NIC. This does not mean, 
that the NIC is broken, it could be that this realtek chip is to 
new and not yet fully supported from the FreeBSD driver.

You also could try to boot with "ACPI disabled" or with "safe mode".

Could you also try this with FreeBSD/i386?


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