Felipe Hernan felipe.astroza at
Sun Dec 3 15:24:10 PST 2006

hi, I'm working to port a library called "MPLX2" developed by Phillip Whelan
and me. Well, the library is a connections multiplexor, means can manage
several sockets in a same thread. MPLX2 works rightly on FreeBSD 4.10,
OpenBSD 3.9 and Linux 2.x, but on FreeBSD 7.0 MPLX2 gets a signal SIGBUS
when it disconnects a client by timeout.

the lastest source is here:

The signal arrive after of "shutdown(sockfd, SHUT_RDWR); close(sockfd);" in
mplx_del_socket() from MPLX2 source.
Even it returns to mplx_poll_event() until recieved the SIGBUS.

And not, "signal(SIGBUS, SIG_IGN)" not works.

I hope that they can help me.

Felipe Astroza
Curicó, Chile

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