Interrupt storm on ASUS M2N-E

Angelo Turetta aturetta at
Mon Aug 28 10:47:55 UTC 2006

Frank Reppin wrote:

> hm - I've deactivated onboard LAN in order to avoid
> prolly forseen issues with unknown chipset and such and plugged in
> an ordinary 3com 905CX-TX nic in order to get things up and
> running - if it's maybe related to your issue.

Tried disabling LAN from BIOS, no changes. BTW, the on_board lan is 
recognized by if_nfe (not probed by GENERIC, you must kldload)

> Not sure if it even matters - or if it even might have sight effects on
> your current setup which might led to your issue at all - this board
> (according to ASUS' forums  and other forums) will/should run stable if
> the desired RAM voltage is <= 1.95V - there are several posts where
> people complain that it runs quite unstable/quirky with higher voltage
> ram (2.0V/2.1V and such from wellknown vendors).

Nice to know. Just: how the heck I tell what voltage is running my 
DDR533? :-)

> I've upped some stats about this board as well:

On this list it would have been more useful a set of output files from 
FreeBSD, these are from RedHat :)

Could you please post the result of 'vmstat -i' from -CURRENT ?


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