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Scott complists at
Thu Aug 24 16:41:21 UTC 2006

I have to agree - I did as much research as I could trying to find a raid
card that natively supports BSD. I tried a Highpoint card and I returned
it because it was a complete hack. Claiming support for BSD (version 4 no
less) with a binary driver and no management software is not support! I
have never seen anyone using Promise cards in a production environment
because they do the same thing. Maybe recently they have improved but I
doubt it.

Don't misunderstand my statements - I have nothing against any of those
companies, but they do seem to hitch free rides off of claiming support
for linux/BSD.


> On 8/24/06, Daniel O'Connor <doconnor at> wrote:
>> On Thursday 24 August 2006 01:16, Nikolas Britton wrote:
>> > Stay away from Adaptec and Promise because they don't support FreeBSD.
>> > I would recommend Areca and/or HighPoint because they do officially
>> > support FreeBSD. 3Ware does support FreeBSD but I don't have
>> > experience with their cards so I can't say anything good or bad about
>> > them.
>> I believe Promise *do* support FreeBSD quite a bit.
> Maybe as an after thought. I also don't see any link on their site for
> FreeBSD support, lets check google:
> So 7 Links Vs. 90 Links. Also if you click on that first link google
> gives you, about the up coming RAID6 SuperTrak EX4350 and EX12350 with
> support for FreeBSD etc.. Those card are clones of Areca's ARC-1210
> and ARC-1230 cards... Striped down clones at that, they only have a
> 500MHz XScale IOP333... Areca is already moving from the 600MHz XScale
> IOP333 to the 800MHz XScale IOP341 with DDR2-533 support... Hell I bet
> they're just going to patch arcmsr(4) and call it there own. Areca's
> Erich Chen put a lot of work into arcmsr(4). There wouldn't be an
> arcmsr(4) in FreeBSD if it wasn't for Areca commitment to support
> FreeBSD. Now we have Promise trying to claim they support FreeBSD by
> patching a few lines of code from another company. Butch of BS is what
> that is.
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