suggestions for SATA RAID cards

Dan Langille dan at
Wed Aug 23 20:07:39 UTC 2006

On 23 Aug 2006 at 10:05, Greg Martin wrote:

> I find it hard to believe nobody has mentioned 3ware, they are a bit
> more expensive but you pay for top notch quality, stability...
> Their newer cards support PCI-X and SATA II /w hotswap.

3Ware came to my party when setting up a new server for FreeBSD Diary 
and co.  They sent me a 9550SX-8LP.  The only problem I had was 
solved with a firmware upgrade.  So far, I've build the RAID10 array 
with 8 Raptors (6 live, 2 hot swap) and created a NetSaint plugin for 

I do like their CLI interface.  It is very comprehensive:

I can confirm the hot-swap works for me.

More details of my 9550SX-8LP experience are in these articles:


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