Wine on AMD64 - Any status or success stories?

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Thu Sep 29 19:16:14 PDT 2005

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Subject: Wine on AMD64 - Any status or success stories?

>I know this pops up a lot, but is anyone actively trying to fix Wine under
> AMD64? I've googled through the list archives quickly and haven't seen 
> much
> change in in over a year...
> Any progress? Any pointers on where to start or on what has to be done to 
> get
> it working? What can be done to help?
I'm not sure if it is the 64 bit version of Wine (WINE, or wine) but on my 
SuSe 9.2 system it works. I have only putzed around with it. The only 
application I am using it for at the moment is winamp.

I really didn't have to config anything I think it did it for me, I may have 
had to tweak a few config files but that's about it.

So that's my sucess. 

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