freebsd-5.4-stable panics

Robert Watson rwatson at
Tue Sep 27 14:32:02 PDT 2005

On Tue, 27 Sep 2005, Rob Watt wrote:

> this is the piece of code that was referenced by the ip:
> (gdb) l *0xffffffff803b88ca
> 0xffffffff803b88ca is in nfsrv_lookup (/usr/src/sys/nfsserver/nfs_serv.c:670).
> 665             NFSD_UNLOCK();
> 666             mtx_lock(&Giant);       /* VFS */
> 667             if (dirp)
> 668                     vrele(dirp);
> 669             NDFREE(&nd, NDF_ONLY_PNBUF);
> 670             if (ndp->ni_startdir)
> 671                     vrele(ndp->ni_startdir);
> 672             if (ndp->ni_vp)
> 673                     vput(ndp->ni_vp);
> 674             mtx_unlock(&Giant);     /* VFS */
> we are not running nfsd (although we do use nfs and nfsiod), and none of 
> our processes should have been accessing nfs. Our processes are run from 
> an nfs mount but do not access any nfs mounted files.

That code is in the NFS server lookup code, so should be called as a 
result of a lookup by a remote client.  If the NFS server is not in use on 
the machine, this is most likely this is a quirk of gdb and instruction 
pointers, a run-time kernel/compile-time kernel mismatch, or something 
really nasty.  ndp should really never be NULL there, as it's used 
frequently prior to that point.  Let's hope for one of the former few 

>> Do you have a testbed or set of test hosts set up so you can 
>> non-disruptively test change sets, btw?
> yes we have 3 dual dual-core machines and 1 dual single-core machine 
> that we can use to test with.

Great.  As mentioned I'll be offline for about the next 48 hours, but back 
after then.  If we can get a nice clean crash out of this, would really be 
best.  If it's top panicking, it could well be due to a bug in the process 
monitoring code, in kern_proc.  We've run into bugs a few times there in 
the past, generally associated with threading or races in process 
creation/teardown, in which partially initialized (or torn down) processes 
are accessed by another thread and are in an unexpected state.


Robert N M Watson

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