Compilation of 32bit's in C++: what I'm doing wrong?

Vladimir Kushnir vkushnir at
Thu Sep 22 14:47:54 PDT 2005

How do I compile in 32-bit mode with C++ code? Usual
c++ -m32 ...
dies on me with:

In file included from /usr/include/c++/3.4/bits/stl_algobase.h:69,
                  from /usr/include/c++/3.4/bits/char_traits.h:46,
                  from /usr/include/c++/3.4/string:47,
                  from /usr/src/contrib/libstdc++/src/
/usr/include/c++/3.4/new:82: error: `operator new' takes type `size_t' 
(`unsigned int') as first parameter
.... (several more erorrs of the same kind)

(yes, even for a files that got compiled in the buildworld with no 
problem at all)

This is under fairly recent -CURRENT, and I remember a while ago there was 
no such a problem.


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