aaccli on AMD64

Steve Clement steve at ion.lu
Tue Sep 20 04:56:09 PDT 2005

Vasim Valejev wrote:

>Hi !
>Actually, aaccli works on AMD64. Just remove "ONLY_FOR_ARCHS=         i386" from
>/usr/ports/sysutils/aaccli/Makefile. There are some problems however, but
>nothing really bad.
>Sometimes it falls into core. And always shows same numbers in containter show
>cache ("Global Container Read Cache Size  : 0 Global Container Write Cache Size
>: 35045376", but i think this is problem with new firmware 4.2 #8200 in my
>Adaptec 2130SLP, not amd64 specific problem).

Wasn't keen enough to try it. But it seems indeed to work.

A little message to tell that would be great.

I copied the maintainer in maybe he could quickly add a message.


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