amd64 Radeon 9000 nForce3 250 agp support - Yes and No

Zoran Kolic kolicz at EUnet.yu
Fri Sep 16 23:17:30 PDT 2005

Hi Kristopher!
Just like you, I had issue with this
combination. MB looks to me quite good,
but it is not fully supported. Ether-
net, some infos from mb (temp...). And,
when I installed 5.4, radeon made pure
result. "Agp" was not choice and I left
it off. After changing for nvidia video
card (some 9570, whatever it means), I
finally have perfect picture. Perfect
should be read as sharp , vivid. I don't
listen to the music on it, no movies, so
your needs could be bigger from the card.
If 6.0 gives the same, I'm fine. If it
gives better support for mb, hurrah. That
on board nic is headache even for Ruslan
Ermilov. Pitty as my asus looks like
nice hardware.
So, my heart has broken for ati card, but
it solved the problem. After two days, no
one even noticed the difference.
Best regards


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