Compiling modules statically

theblues gnr thebluesgnr at
Tue Sep 13 10:44:41 PDT 2005

>Edit the kernel configuration file and add the appropriate entry (cf
>GENERIC or NOTES).  This is surely described in the handbook.

I built my own kernel, and I made sure to include the options:

device          miibus     # MII bus support
device          vge        # VIA VT612x gigabit ethernet

I built twice, using each method (I named them FBSD001 and FBSD002). In both 
cases the custom kernel was installed, but still I got the panic when 
booting with the onboard VIA Velocity enabled.

I also tried loading the kernel from the boot prompt, with the following 

unload (to unload all modules)
disable-module if_vge

And still the same kernel panic. :(

Thanks everyone for the help so far.

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