Problems with Nacona Xeons

Mike Hunter mhunter at
Mon Sep 12 13:32:46 PDT 2005

On Sep 11, "Scott Long" wrote:

> Sean wrote:
> >David S. Besade wrote:

> >>I have a Dual Xeon (With EM64T) system running FreeBSD 5.4 AMD64 -
> >>Release (with a -stable kernel). I can't get the kernel to see my
> >>second CPU.  I have recompiled and retuned and done everything I could
> >>to get it to see the second CPU. The guys on IRC (##Freebsd on
> >>freenode) told me to post this to this list.

> >>I do have the ACPI disabled as it doesn't work right yet. The
> >>Motherboard is a Tyan S5350 (
> >> ) running with 2 Dual
> >>Nacona Core Xeons. I had the datacenter check the BIOS and everything
> >>is as it should be. I have Registered ECC RAM on it as well.

> >>Both CPU's were recogized by Centos 4.1 X86-64, however I prefer FBSD
> >>to anything Linux. So if you guys could help me out I would appreciate
> >>it. I think I have given you all the relevant information I Hope but
> >>if not just ask me I will get it.

> >You said you did a kernel recompile, so did you include
> >'device        acpi'
>                  ^^^^
> You need 'device apic' here also.  There is a difference between 'acpi'
> and 'apic.  For SMP amd64 machines, you should have both.  Simply put,
> the apic is what allows the first CPU to start up the other CPUs during
> boot.

I thought apic was "built in" to amd64...?

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