Compiling modules statically

theblues gnr thebluesgnr at
Mon Sep 12 12:35:24 PDT 2005

Hello everyone!

I'm having trouble setting up networking on the ABIT AV8 motherboard using 
the onboard NIC. From:

"On-board ethernet controller (vge(4)) does not work unless statically 
compiled into kernel."

I do know how to compile a kernel (from the Handbook) but I do not know how 
to compile a module statically. Could anyone please point me to the right 
documentation on doing that?
I swear I looked almost everywhere (that is, everywhere but the right 

Also, I found on google that an alternative is to stop the module from being 
loaded at boot, and loading it only after the system boots. I tried to 
disable the module (disable-module if_vge on the console prompt) but I still 
get a kernel panic related to vge when booting. Is there a correct way to 
stop the module from being loaded? And how would I go about loading it 
manually, later?

In case you're wondering, I had to disable the onboard NIC to install 
FreeBSD, or I get a kernel panic.

Thanks in advance. :)

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