Michael VInce mv at
Sun Sep 11 18:57:01 PDT 2005

Hi guys,
I am getting a Intel Xeon based EMT64 server as a gateway that may in 
the future do some VPN,
I wondered if the EMT64 servers could run FAST_IPSEC under AMD64 FreeBSD.
With these options below compiled into the kernel I was able to boot 
FreeBSD with no panics if I booted into single user mode and then just 
did 'exit'  to go back to regular boot, otherwise it would panic as if 
it was an AMD64 CPU.
device crypto
device cryptodev
options         FAST_IPSEC

I read on one post earlier back that this problem with AMD64 and 
FAST_IPSEC isn't with the code but with a bug in the AMD64 CPU so I 
figured maybe such a bug doesn't exist on Intels EMT64.
Has any one else tried this? I was wondering if I would have more luck 
if I tried 6.0
Otherwise might put i386 FreeBSD on instead or test with regular 
'options IPSEC', but its a shame I can't get that extra bit of speed out 
of the machine running AMD64.


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