don't know how to make buildkernel...

Jeff D. Hamann jeff.hamann at
Thu Sep 8 11:40:51 PDT 2005

I've just put together a new amd64 machine in an ASUS Vintage-ae1 barebones 
system. After giving up on FreeBSD 5.4 when it gagged on my hard drive, I 
decided to try going all the way to 6.0beta4. Almost everything went without 
incident except for mounting usb sticks and the on-board network card isn't 
coming up. It seems to get detected, but not initialized.

When I run dmesg, I get the following lines (I can't post the whole thing 
since I can't get files from the bsd box to my windows box -- no mcopy and I 
don't know how to mount the usb stick either):

plip0: <PLIP network interface> on ppbus0

and when I type ifonfig, I get:

mtu 1500
lo0: flags=blah,blah,blah....

I think my chipsets for the asus vintage-ae1 is/are:

northbridge: SIS 760GX
southbridge: SIS 965L

and so doing a little research, I think the sis device driver might work 
(maybe?) and so I might need to recompile the kernel to get the onboard nic 
to light up, right? I've been hunting around to see if I can recompile the 
kernel to include the SIS ethernet driver and I'm having some trouble with 
the process of building a new kernel under 6.0-BETA4...

>From re-reading my references, compiling a new kernel is accomplished with 
the following steps:

1) cd /sys/amd64/conf
3) make the edits to MYKERNEL (adding the line "device sis" to the file)
4) cd /usr/src
5) make buildkernel KERNCONF=MYKERNEL
6) make installkernel  KERNCONF=MYKERNEL
7) reboot

okay, so when I attempt to build a new kernel, I get the following:

bobby# make buildkernel KERNCONF=MYKERNEL
make: don't know how to make buildkernel. Stop

now what?


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