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Current FreeBSD problem reports
Critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2004/10/27] amd64/73211 amd64       FAST_IPSEC broken on amd64
o [2005/08/09] amd64/84693 amd64       Keyboard not recognized during first step

2 problems total.

Serious problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2003/11/26] amd64/59714 amd64       device timeout and ad0: WARNING - WRITE_D
o [2004/07/28] amd64/69704 amd64       ext2/ext3 unstable in amd64
o [2004/07/28] amd64/69707 amd64       IPC32 dont work OK in amd64 FreeBSD
o [2004/09/07] amd64/71471 amd64       Can not install 5.3beta3/amd64 on IBM eSe
o [2004/10/28] amd64/73252 amd64       ad6: WARNING - READ_DMA interrupt was see
o [2004/10/30] amd64/73322 amd64       unarchiving /etc to msdos fs locks up amd
o [2004/11/01] amd64/73369 amd64       on-board firewire unreliable with Asus K8
o [2004/11/07] amd64/73650 amd64       5.3-release panics on boot
o [2004/11/10] amd64/73775 amd64       Kernel panic (trap 12) when booting with 
o [2004/11/16] amd64/74014 amd64       5.3-RELEASE-AMD64 freezes on boot during 
o [2004/12/05] amd64/74747 amd64       System panic on shutdown when process wil
o [2004/12/18] amd64/75209 amd64       5.3-Release panics on attempted boot from
o [2004/12/23] amd64/75417 amd64       ACPI: SATA Hard-disk
o [2005/01/12] amd64/76136 amd64       system halts before reboot
o [2005/01/17] amd64/76336 amd64       racoon/setkey -D cases instant "Fatal Tra
o [2005/02/02] amd64/77011 amd64       consisten 5.3-p5 make crash on installwor
o [2005/02/04] amd64/77101 amd64       Please include ULi M1689 LAN, SATA, and A
o [2005/02/17] amd64/77629 amd64       aMule hardlocks AMD64 system
o [2005/02/23] amd64/77949 amd64       Pb boot FreeBSD 64
o [2005/03/04] amd64/78406 amd64       [panic]AMD64 w/ SCSI: issue 'rm -r /usr/p
o [2005/03/07] amd64/78558 amd64       installation
o [2005/03/14] amd64/78848 amd64       sis driver on FreeBSD 5.x does not work o
o [2005/04/12] amd64/79813 amd64       Will not install/run on amd64 nForce 4 pl
o [2005/04/19] amd64/80114 amd64       kldload snd_ich causes interrupt storm wh
o [2005/05/06] amd64/80691 amd64       amd64 kernel hangs on load
o [2005/05/14] amd64/81037 amd64       SATA problem
o [2005/05/19] amd64/81272 amd64       JDK 1.5 port doesn't build.
o [2005/05/20] amd64/81325 amd64       KLD if_ath.ko: depends on ath_hal - not a
o [2005/05/28] amd64/81602 amd64       SATA crashes with parallel pcm access
o [2005/06/09] amd64/82071 amd64       incorrect -march's parameter to build 32b
o [2005/06/19] amd64/82425 amd64       fxp0: device timeout, fxp interface dies 
o [2005/06/23] amd64/82555 amd64       Kernel Panic - after i connect to my "amd
o [2005/07/05] amd64/83005 amd64       Memory Occupied during installation of th
o [2005/07/25] amd64/84027 amd64       if_nve gets stuck
o [2005/08/12] amd64/84832 amd64       Installation crashes just at boot AMD64/ 
o [2005/08/14] amd64/84930 amd64       [msdosfs] something wrong with msdosfs on
o [2005/08/18] amd64/85081 amd64       TeamSpeak
o [2005/08/29] amd64/85431 amd64       AMD64 has short but temporary freezes (ha
o [2005/08/29] amd64/85451 amd64       6.0-BETA3 lockups on AMD64

39 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2004/01/11] amd64/61209 amd64       ppc0: cannot reserve I/O port range
o [2004/02/21] amd64/63188 amd64       ti(4) broken on amd64
o [2004/07/28] amd64/69705 amd64       IPC problem (msq_queues)
o [2004/07/28] amd64/69709 amd64       ACPI enabled then floppy don't work (5.2.
o [2004/08/15] amd64/70500 amd64       bge driver for 3Com 3C996B on amd64 preve
o [2004/12/02] amd64/74608 amd64       mpt hangs 5 minutes when booting
o [2004/12/07] amd64/74811 amd64       df, nfs mount, negative Avail -> 32/64-bi
o [2004/12/13] ports/75015 amd64       cvsup on amd64 coredumps with either runs
o [2005/03/17] amd64/78954 amd64       kerberos 5 failed to build
o [2005/05/16] amd64/81089 amd64       FreeBSD 5.4 released version can not use 
o [2005/06/12] amd64/82178 amd64       missing 32bit subsystem
o [2005/06/18] amd64/82380 amd64       buildworld error in libc
o [2005/06/18] amd64/82399 amd64       MSI K8N Neo4 Platinium is not supported
o [2005/07/20] amd64/83806 amd64       Can not comple /usr/src/lib/msun/amd64/fe
o [2005/08/07] amd64/84652 amd64       kbdmap -r dumps core
o [2005/09/02] amd64/85626 amd64       java/jdk15 compile error

16 problems total.

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