Compaq V2310 (about TI cardbus)

Peter Carah pete at
Wed Oct 26 16:18:34 PDT 2005

The Compaq V2310 has a TI combination bus controller chip that
runs firewire (works), SD/SM/MS/MM card (doesn't work in either 32 or 64
bit FreeBSD) and the PCCard slot (works fine for 16 bit cards but
doesn't recognize Cardbus insertions at all).

The problem with flash cards is just that the driver doesn't exist -
there are 2 PCI vendor/product pairs involved, both of which aren't
recognized.  TI claims in the datasheet (which, miraculously, is public)
for their chipset that both of these interfaces are "standard",
requiring one to buy $$$$$ a book from the sd card consortium.

The problem with cardbus is stranger since 16 bit cards work fine.
Since HP in their infinite wisdom messed up the internal wireless card
for anything but windoze (uses Broadcom 4318, the supplied driver
doesn't work in 32-bit FBSD, and neither the Acer 64-bit driver nor the
one at Linuxant work in 64-bit FBSD) *then* they fixed the bios up so
that if one supplies e.g. an Atheros minipci (like a CM9; this is a very
nice ABG card), the machine won't boot, with no apparent bypass.
Best solution is to somehow bypass this...

There are 2 workarounds - use a modern wireless pccard (needs cardbus)
or a USB (needs ralink; the manufacturers seem to shift chipsets at a
whim and so one can't necessarily count on which usb dongles contain
ralink chips.)  I did see a nice Atheros usb dongle but our Atheros
driver doesn't cover that interface :-(

Anyhow, I wondered about the cardbus problem...  (hits both my 802.11
card and my 5220 card, so is pretty generic).  I enabled debug for the
cardbus driver and get NO output whatever on cardbus insertion (lots of
output for 16-bit, and the card even works).

At the moment, I can't get a dmesg because someone messed up the
kldloader to put out several thousand error messages on boot  (bad
relocation type 10).  I'll try another cvsup tonight to see if that is
fixed and resend this with an attached dmesg whenever possible, if it
would help whoever works on this stuff.  (or I *could* boot in single
user, dmesg, then go to multi...)

-- Pete

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