Fix for HP zv6000/Compaq r4000?

Graham Bakay graham at
Mon Oct 17 14:00:34 PDT 2005

Hello everyone,

Does anyone have anything to share w.r.t. how the keyboard booting 
lockup problem for HP zv6000 and Compaq R4000 laptops will be fixed?

I know there was some technical discussion being thrown around as to how 
to get around bugs the the HP/Compaq keyboard controller.

I am familiar with the method where the keyboard test code funcitons in 
atkbd.c are removed. I know there are workarounds. I'm just wondering 
what the status of a permanent fix is, if a concensus has been reached 
on how to proceed, and when we should expect such a fix to creep into 

Also, last I tried, ACPI was working quite well (5.4-RELEASE) on my 
Compaq R4000. Is the keyboard issue the only showstopper to getting 
FreeBSD 6 booting/installing happily without modification on these machines?


FYI, the atkbd flags and disabling ACPI that work for zv5000/r3000 
models does not work with the newer models. :(

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