[6.0b5/AMD64] ls /otherdir/devfs induces panic

Jon Dama jd at ugcs.caltech.edu
Fri Oct 14 02:07:20 PDT 2005

The following sequence induces an instant panic:

1) machine just up, no load
2) mount_devfs devfs /test/dev
3) chroot /test /bin/sh
4) ls /dev

panic: kmem_malloc(-1905729536): kmem_map too small: 6881290 total

Dumping 8191 MB (3 chunks)
  chunk 0: 1MB (156 pages)

   ( dump fails to finish )

Kernel: GENERIC AMD64 6.0 Beta 5

I am aware of the VM_KMEM_SIZE_MAX kernel setting, but thought I'd drop a
line on the list now because kmem_malloc(-1905729536) seems rather unusual
to me.



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